Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jimmy is back!!! :)

It has been a long time, but here I am - all happy that Jimmy's etsy shop has been RE-OPENED! Yes!

And since I just recently had a baby (here he is! My William is 3 months old now),

   I have been more than inspired and began to create nursery art! Quite frankly.. I love it :)

Here you have some samples, and there will be more themes to choose from!

And I've already had a custom order too! Very exciting :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday, friday, friday! :)

Hi, after a while, I am back. Here are some new Jimmy-the-sheep pieces. I decided that I should make some in larger formats, so there are 5x7 upto 8x10. All originals painted with acrylics. My faves are the Heart one, and the Moon one... :)

Hope you enjoy them!


This is MAGGIE, Jimmy's lady :) I decided to make her a princess. 

All are available in my etsy shop

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hi everyone, sorry to get you waiting for some things. I had to deal with some stuff here and now I am finally catching up to what I wanted. The winning pet ACEOs are gonna be up in color in matter of days (I'm really hoping tonight) and more things are coming too!

For those of you who know that I want to make series of stories with Jimmy - I started :) I have the first one and two illustrations done. The last one is coming soon. (I decided to change my strategy with the illustrations and with the way my stories will be connected) so there won't be tons of pictures for each story but only a few.
After all, the stories will be about one page long.

Once they are done, I will pick a few volunteers who have kids (so if you have kids, I am thinking age 4-8) leave a comment or write me an email with a subject : "Volunteer for Jimmy's stories" to this address: Kate(dot)art(at)

Have a great day!!! :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunday sketches of the contest's prize :)

Hi again. I know this was probably really quick, but I just had to! :) I present to you the three (+ one more because I couldn't resist) ACEOs with Jimmy the sheep and the winning pet of my february's contest - ladybug named Abby. Abby is a creation of Crystal Belle - see her website here: and esty shop:

These ACEOs are just sketched out now but ready to be colored in and probably monday they will be available in my shop:
if you buy - you support the winner, because she gets her share :) and also whatever you buy with Jimmy - you help me and my husband raise support for this summer's missions trip either to South-african republic or the Czech republic. (if you are interested in details, please email me - nkholloman(at)

Here is a little story to how Jimmy begot her.

Jimmy was one day walking by the river and was just enjoying the nice warm weather. Suddenly though, he heard a thin voice calling for help! He was looking around but didn't see anyone. Then he realized some quiet splashing in the river and looked down. There in the waves was a little ladybug, struggling for life! Jimmy immediately reached for her and pulled her out. After a while she cought her breath and calmed down a bit. Since Jimmy didn't know where she was from and she couldn't tell him, he decided to take her home.

Jimmy put the ladybug on his back and headed back to his home. He was looking forward to Maggie's reaction. She loved all the creatures of the land and was very much a rescuer herself.
(this sketch is based on Crystal's entry)

When Jimmy came home, the ladybug was all tired and exhausted. So he put her up on a leaf so she could take a proper nap. And she did, she fell asleep rigth away! Jimmy went to Maggie and told her what happened. Then he brought her to the leaf. Maggie looked at her and said silently: "Poor thing, who knows how far the river took her from her own home... lets keep her here untill we find out better!" And so they did. They gave her a home and gave her a name - Abby.
And this is how Jimmy begot a new pet! :)

Ok.. this was the very first thing that I thought of. I hope it was readable! :D

AND, here comes the random FOURTH sketch of Jimmy and Abby!

"I'm singing in the rain... lalalala, I'm still dancing, I'm dancing in the rain..."

All of these will be available here: on monday (in full color!). 

Thanks for visiting and make sure you go check out more of sunday sketches here:

Have a beautiful sunday and upcoming week! :)

Winner of Feb contest ANNOUNCED!

Hi everyone and thank you all who did so much for participating! I really enjoyed your entries! :)

The winner is Crystal Belle (links below) and her "Abby" the Ladybug! I think it perfectly fits for the -pet- theme. Abby is tiny and cute and will make a wonderful little cuddly friend to Jimmy (and Maggie too!)

Thanks again to everyone! I really appreaciate greatly your input! :)
And congratulations to you, Crystal - your idea was simply beautiful! :)

3 ACEOs with Abby will be available soon in Jimmy's series!

with many greetings and wishes
Kate Holloman

links to Crystal's web:  
and etsy shop:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

UPDATE on the contest's deadline

Hi, so I decided to give you guys more time. Soooo  the  deadline  is: 12th of March. that should give you some more time and hopefully you can make it :)

Looking forward to your submissions!!! :)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Contest for February!:)

Hi, I decided to put something fun and also worth it for you guys (before I come with the promised video story).
(and as you can probably tell.. it will have something to do with the sheep...) :)

I know that there is not much time in February, but lets give it a shot;)

Theme for February:

Jimmy has a pet!

You have to follow my blog;) (if you don't have a blog, just notify me on who you are on etsy) :)
You can paint anything you think of, on any format too, but make sure it's a finished and fully colored picture!
The cutest one will win!!!

Deadline UPDATED: (was 28th of February) NOW it is till the 12th of March (saturday) !!! :)

I will make a series of three new ACEOs with the winning pet
I will let the world know that it was you!:)
If the ACEO sells, you get your share ;)

  + you get to choose any two prints from my whole Jimmy the sheep collection - for free!!

(to see all of them visit this page: )

Please, send submissions to Kate(dot)art(at)
Put: "Jimmy's february contest" in the subject line!!!!!
(also in the message, include a link to your blog!!)

If you want - invite your friends to this contest too!!! :)

These contests will be every month! So you got something to look forward! :)
All because I love you guys! :)